Tenqa Bullseyes Instruction Manual

Thank you for your purchase of the Tenqa™ Bullseyes Earbuds. The Bullseyes are very easy to operate and in just a few minutes you will listening to your music the way it was intended to be heard. Operating Instructions

Make sure the volume is lowered on your device before inserting your earbuds. Then, raise the volume to a comfortable level.  Your earbuds will form a tight seal that blocks outside noise.  Position your earbuds so that you are able to achieve optimal sound.

1 Button Remote OperationDuring Music Playback:
Click button once to pause and again to resume playback
Click button twice quickly to track forward
Click button three times quickly to track backward

During Calls:
Click button once to answer incoming call, click once to end call
Press and hold button down for about two seconds to decline an incoming call
Click button once to switch over to another call, click again to switch back to the original call1 Year Limited Warranty

Your Tenqa Bullseyes Earbuds are covered by a 1 year replacement warranty. Should you experience any problems, just contact us at warranty@tenqa.com and we will be more than happy to take care of you.