When will my order ship?

Your order usually ships within 24-48 hours after it is placed.  You will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking info after it has shipped.

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

We will make you happy.  If you don't like your product or have a problem with it, just let us know and we will replace it or give you your money back!

What is the warranty period for Tenqa products?

All Tenqa products are covered by a 1 year replacement warranty.  Should you have any problems, just contact us and we will replace your product right away.

Will Tenqa Bluetooth products work with my device?

As long as your mobile phone or computer is equipped with Bluetooth A2DP, your device is compatible with Tenqa Bluetooth headphones.  Every smartphone and most computers come equipped with this feature already.  To verify, simply do an internet search for your device model and the keyword "A2DP" and you should easily be able to find this information.