Tenqa Releases Tenqa Fit Wireless Earbuds for Sports

DALLAS, TX, OCTOBER 1, 2013 -- Tenqa, a mobile accessories brand specializing in wireless headphones for people that move, has launched the Tenqa Fit, a pair of wireless, in-ear Bluetooth earbuds built for sports and working out for $69.

“Everyone who has ever set foot in a gym has been there before.  You’re working out and jamming out and all of a sudden you snag your headphone wires on something and your phone goes flying across the room.  Tenqa is here to stop that.”

The lightweight Fit Bluetooth headphones incorporate features not found in much more expensive wireless earbuds such as Bluetooth 4.0, aptX®, and Active Noise Cancellation while maintaining superior sound, build quality.

The aptX® audio codec ensures CD-quality sound is maintained over a wireless Bluetooth connection.  aptX® compresses the audio data to fit within the Bluetooth bandwidth and delivers the sound that the artist intended for you to hear.

CVC® Active Noise cancellation deletes unwanted outside noise. Block the noise around you--whether it’s wind, people, or other distractions--and keep your focus.  The Fit listen for unwanted distractions and counter them with an opposing signal to keep them out of your space so you can keep your mind on your goals.

The built in, rechargeable, Li-ion battery lasts over 5 hours to power you through the toughest workout or even a week of workouts.  Integrated controls allow you to intuitively switch tracks, adjust the volume, pause your music, and answer phone calls using the built in microphone without removing your phone from your pocket.  

Audible voice prompts keep you on cue by letting you know when your Bluetooth headphones are connected, when your battery is low, and when you have an incoming call.  

Three sizes (S, M, L) of ear stabilizers are included to adjust your Fit earbuds to the contours of your ear and hold them in place.  Two types of interchangeable ear tips--smooth and contoured--in 3 sizes (S, M, L) ensure that your earbuds stay in, external noise stays out, and you find the perfect fit.

The Tenqa Fit are available online at tenqa.com and at select national and international online and brick and mortar retail outlets for $69.

About TENQA:

Tenqa is a premier wireless audio headphone brand dedicated to breaking the wired leashes between you and your music. For more information on Tenqa, visit or contact us at tenqa.com.  Visit our press room for high res images and logos.

Dustin Pitts
Dustin Pitts