Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone and iOS Devices.

In order to get your wireless Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone to work with your iOS device, the device must be equipped with Bluetooth A2DP.  A2DP is simply the version of Bluetooth that allows for stereo sound.

Here is a list of iOS devices that are compatible with Bluetooth A2DP and Bluetooth enabled headphones.


iPhone 5

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3G

iPad 3

iPad 2

iPad 1

iPod touch 4th generation

iPod touch 3rd generation

iPod touch 2nd generation


All of these devices also have AVRCP or Audio/Video Remote Control Profile which allows you to control the volume, tracks, and other functions directly from your wireless Bluetooth Headphones if so equipped.

Dustin Pitts
Dustin Pitts